Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ok... Tagged?

Er... I've been "tagged" so her it goes, sorry if I mess it up. I turned 15 2 weeks ago...

  1. My favorite color is green
  2. I love jolly ranchers
  3. My best friends (Angelo, Morgan, and Jeff) are the craziest people in the world.
  4. My step-mom is having twins next month
  5. Twilight is OK. I don't get why people obsess over it.
  6. I'm into photography
  7. I love to read
  8. I have weird taste in music one day, then all of a sudden it changes. Today, I'm listening to Simple Plan, yesterday I was listening to Led Zepplin and tomorrow, I'll probably listen to either Jet or Sex Pistols (jet-good mood, sex pisotls-bad mood)
  9. My mom doesn't like when I visit.
  10. My older (real) brother hates my dad
  11. I've decided I like my dad.
  12. Uh I have cancer of the blood, Stage 1
  13. When I grow up, I want to be an author, part time, and an anthropologist (like Lauren!!)
  14. Lord of the Rings is awesome! *Does bad impression of Gollum*
  15. I'm Christian.

TA-DAH!!! OK, I'll tag people.

Uh... Dan I tag you!!

A few others, but I don't feel like typing their names...



Hannah said...

I also think Twilight was kinda okay ish kind of sort of. But not really. Yeah, though, the obsessed fans scare the daylights outta me. I love reading too. I'm a Christian too. I'd love to be an author and shall definitely get my books published someday soon. I dabble in photography as well. I'd have to say if I had a favorite color it would be green.

Wow we have so much in common. :)
Great minds have alike ... um ... likes/habits/tastes?