Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hey. I'm Dan

Well, hi. How goes it?

Some people might know me from my own blog, "Dan and Life" and if you do, sorry, but I accidentally deleted it. Oops. What I'm really "known for" is being Ali's annoying step-brother, who is now a contributor to Youth. Yay.

Anyway, a lot has happened around here. In her last post, Ali very dramatically stated the my mom, Bri, was pregnant. Yeah, she is. With twins. Fat.

I'm kind of excited.

That's not the main focus of this post, though. The thing is, the only reason Ali let me write here is because she isn't doing so well, and didn't want to abandon this blog/the readers. She has leukemia. and so she isn't up to writing. I don't think it's serious, but holy crap it's cancer.
They say it was genetic. From her mom.

Her brother David was sobbing when he found out. What a bum. Dad hates him, which even I admit is tough. He is his real son.

By "Dad" I mean, Ali's dad, my step-dad.

Larry is doing great in college.

Anyway, I hope that the 13 followers of this blog won't stop reading just because I'm writing mostly. Ali'll write a little bit, when the doctor lets her out of the hospital.



Emmaaa! said...

tough love.
no worries, I'm still reading.

Carrie said...

Wow. Thinking about you, praying for you.

Hannah said...

Hello, Dan.

Yeah, I won't stop reading and I was wondering why she hadn't updated in a while.

Ali, I'll be praying for you! *Sends virtual get-well flowers and card* (and if you don't like that kind of thing ... *sends videogames and awesome movies*)

Angel Wings said...

That must be a hard thing to deal with...send my love to EVERYONE...

Slake said...


For a lack of a better term...that really, really sucks. I hope you, Ali, have a speedy recovery.

Dan...stay cool. Don't loose heart because your sister has luekemia. You need to be strong for her. You're her brother.