Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hey Peeps!

IT'S ALI! Haha. I'm probably going to be annoyingly perky during this post, so I apologize in advance. I'm just so glad that I'm out of that hospital!

Well, glad and disappointed. Glad, because hospital food sucks and I'm healthy, sad because this guy named Jack who was in the bed next to me, was absolutely one of the coolest people I've ever met. He goes to the same school as me, but a year older. Crush developing? Probably.

Haha. I just read about Courtney. Wow, she came over yesterday, too. I guess it wasn't "to see if I was OK." No wonder Dan was in his room the whole time and she left disappointed!

Anyway, Bri has thought of names for the twins, but they are just plain gross. Edward and Bella. EW! Yeah, she loves Twilight, but I promise that I will change her mind.

I'm thinking Cleo and Lewis...

Not Cleo, but Lewis is cool, especially if you say it with an Irish/British accent. Lewis and Lauren. Cute twinny names, right?

By the way, I'm posting on Dan's account because I forgot my password, but I'll figure it out soon.


P.S. Like my Chat thing?


Hannah said...


YOU'RE HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Glad you're healthy.

Hope Bri does not really actually name them Edward and Bella. Besides, you know, Edward and Bella, um, got married ... so it's probably not the best pair of names.

Yes, your chat thing is cool and I posted a message. :) (as 'guest')

Seth said...

YOU'RE BACK!! *hugs*

i just got a dirty look from jenn. *sorry!!*

but i'm really, really happy you're okay!!

*clink* to life! to life, lahiam...lahiam, lahiam, to life! (fiddler on the roof?? ever seen it? no? okay, that's cool too. it's a drinking song to life).

~Seth (to LIFE!!)

Angel Wings said...

YAAAAAAAY!!!YOUR BACK!Your healthy and everything...your probably sick of hearing this but...WEEEE!If I lived in france i would air kiss you but i'm not so yay...8 )