Thursday, January 7, 2010

Poem Blues

The moon is made out of cheese
And penguins fly anywhere they please.
Pluto is a planet
And no students read Hamlet.
Cancer is unheard of,
No kids are without love.
I’m free to dream
About pools of whipped cream,
For there’s no need
To ponder things like greed.
The sky is always pink
No singers need to lip sync.
And the trees get up and dance
While I stare on in a trance,
For I have nothing better to do
Than dream up a new world or two.

Yeah, that's all I could come up with. I have to write a poem for Creative Writing and I threw that up. Sorry if anyone actually read that.

Is anybody a poet? If so... HELP.


Oh, Happy New Year by the way.


Lauren said...

:D I understannd your pain (which means I won't be offering any advice!)

Luna Jamnia said...

I like it. It's simple and it rhymes and ... yeah.
As for it being 'that' I wrote a poem like 'that' once as well. :)
It's similar to a style I only found out about three years ago.

Kenzy said...

umm, well, i'm not a poet, more of a novelist, so i can't really help you. but i like it, and i see no reason why it shouldn't pass. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a poet, a very un-motivated suckish poet, i can only write poems like once in a month, and it's usually right after something big happens, so i would help you but yea.. mine would suck too xD