Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Own Mark David Chapman

I've decided that I've had enough drama in my life. What with hating my step-mom, having two new step=brothers, having an absent mother and a bum of a real brother, and having the twins, I think I'm fully done with drama for at least until the end of high school.

At least, that's what I tried to do.

I swear, I really, really tried. I was nice to Mom on the phone (the little #!^$@^) , haven't fought with Dan for a week, smiled at Bri and actually called David, I was on a freakin' roll!

Then I saw him. With his soft brown hair and green, glow-in-the dark eyes, I knew God had sent me a message.

He was the cutest cat I have ever seen in my entire life.

So I did the naughty cartoon kid thing... I hid him in my bedroom, fed him, and named him... Well, actually he named himself. I was listening to the Beatles and he meowed to the meledy, so I named him John Lennon.

Anyways, it turns out Bri is going through a housewife faze where shes cleaning and stuff, so she was actually doing th laundry (I know, shocker) and since she didn't know about John Lennon... she didn't know he was in the dryer...

She's my own Mark David Chapman.


Lauren said...

Hey. Poor John...

Mark David Chapman is the guy who assasnated J.L. right?

Seth said...

is John Lennon okay? or is he...?

Mr. Norrel said...

Cool. wassup?

Uhm, poor little guy.