Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Current Obsessions

Hey. Sorry I have posted in... a while. Things have been busy with hormonal pregnant step-moms, brother and dad fights, stalker issues, lost being so freakin' annoying, crushes, Larry being home, Biology midterms... yeah. A lot.

Anyways, I've been "obsessed" with two things recently; Mott the Hoople and Moulin Rouge. Mott the Hoople is a band and if you were to look it up, listen to "All the Young Dudes". Moulin Rouge is like a musical that I find hysterical and soo, soo sad.

Anyone watch the show Lost? Well, if you do, Oh. My God. You know? It's sooo stupid, yet sooo addicting. John Locke's suicide? Yeah! That was not suicide, it was murder! Ben did it! I HATE him. And Walt? Where did he come from? He was gone for like 5 seasons! And Jin? Sun CHEATED ON YOU. Well, you were being a retard. Glad you're back buddy. And Charlie? I love him. I can't believe they made him die!

Sorry about the rant. That show is sooo confusing.

Anyway Bri is like due any day now. I'm so... scared of being a big sis. Don't worry! I talked her out of Bella and Edward. She's moved on to Abby (short for Abigael) and Phin. (phin-boy abby-girl). Even if they are a little... weird, it's totally better than Edward and Bella!



Seth said...

yeah, neener. i've been a little on the busy side myself.

Hannah said...

Yay! You're back!

I know this comment is a lil' late ... I've been caught up in lovely homework and the like. So glad you convinced Bri to not name her kids Bella and Edward. I would've keeled over and died. Almost literally/not quite figuratively/metaphorically.