Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Life

We just got home from the hospital where Mom and the twins are going to stay for 2 more days. I wanted to post pics of them, but Jimmy/Step-Daddy forbid me too.

Ali forced me to post because she's too busy on the phone with her friend *cough boyfriend cough* and didn't want to leave anybody hanging.

Rose: older baby, but tinier. She's actually pretty fragile, but beautiful for a baby. She has light hair already and looks like a minature version of Larry (he's absolutely thrilled.) Apparently, she has my nose, but I have no idead what that means.

Phin: Chubby baby, but pretty cute. He has a little bit of dark fuzz, and I think he looks like Ali, but nobody agrees with me, so whatever. When I held him, he spit up on me and started to cry, but Rose seemed to like me.

Incase anybody is wondering who exactly lives in the house now, let me fill you in:

Jimmy (father of the house)
Mom. (aka: Bri)
Phin and Rose. :)

Larry is in college and Ali's brother David is somewhere in Seattle? I don't know. Ali talks to him, but he made her promise not to tell Jim where he was. Jerk.

Thanks for reading,


Kristlynn said...

AWHH I hope you enjoy being an older sister now!! :) I wish I had a baby sister, because I'm old enough that by the time she would be like 9 I would be outta the house xD

Hannah said...


Congrats Dan, Bri, Ali, and rest of family. Welcome two lil' babies whom I am so glad did not have Twilight names. :)


Wish I had a lil' sis.

Daniel said...

Kristlynn, I wrote this post.

Me, Dan.

A guy.

I'm an older BROTHER.

No hard feelings.

Evon said...

I like when you write, Dan. It's kind of sarcastic, but interesting and you always sound like your bored. Ever think of writing a book?

Congrats on the new poopers. Phin is a cool name.