Saturday, November 15, 2008


Thank God for Saturdays. Ugh, this new school is such a pain. I was made fun of by this group of girls called the "Martha's". What's up with small towns and Martha?????
They made fun of my blue highlights. Back in New York, it was cool to be different, but now I'm working hard just to seem normal.
There was this kid named Nick who was about to say something, but i was like "If you visited my school, you wouldn't last a second. Nice overalls." and I stalked off.
He came up to me after school and it turns out he wasn't trying to insult me, but my insults impressed him. I feel the start of a new friendship!

Well, I don't have school, but that means I have to stay home with Dan and Bri. Bri keeps trying to be my friend, while Dan is just... I guess you can say avoiding me? Larry got a job at the 1-roomed movie theatre, so I have no one to hang out with. Maybe I'll call Nick over. You never know, eh?

Life here sucks.


Seth said...

is dan a jerk?

Ali said...

yeah. at least to me he is. he brother rocks tho

Hannah said...


I'm really sorry your new school is like that.
People told me that the atmosphere in my high school was very oppressive but I don't recall there being any 'groups'.
College is a lot different, at least my college.

Anyway...don't let that stuff get you down, you sound like a pretty cool person.

I'm rooting for you!

Angel Wings said...

I HATE the first couple days of a new school where everybody sticks with who they know and they only talk between themselfs, so there is like noway your gonna get some friends to stick with, so your not lonley...

Seth said...


i'd know.