Tuesday, November 18, 2008


This girl comes up to me and says "Hey I'm Courtney!!!". Examining her I knew that she was one of those preppy cheerleaders (not that I group people) and that we would not mix well.

"Hey." I turned to keep walking but the girl would not quit.
"So, wanna hang out with me after school?"
She was very persuasive. Finally, I gave up and we went to the movies where Larry works. Courtney thought he was sooo cute. She told me many times how lucky I was, until, I am very ashamed to say, I ditched. I know it was kind of mean, but she has tons of friends, she didn't need me to hand around.

While I was walking out, Nick comes up to me and asks if I would want to see a movie with him and his friends, so I said yes. They were seeing that "Haunting of Molly Hawkins" and it looked pretty good.

We walk in and Courtney starts screaming at me asking me why I was on a date with her boyfriend while Nick keeps stuttering. Realizing I wasn't getting any help from him, I just left.

Nick came over during Math today and apologized saying Courtney was sooooo dramatic. Dan heard and asks Nick if he wants to come over, since he decided that he should have all the friends, not me. So now I'm waiting in my room for Nick to come over. By the way, he's actually pretty cute... but Courtney will most likely strike me dead if I ever look at him again. Joy. I could probably take her.

I also made a new friend!! Yipee! Her names Morgan and she lived in New York too and likes my highlights (finally). The only problem is that she has a crush on Dan, so you can see how that would make me feel awkward. She's cool, even if she does have messed up taste.

I am proud to announce that I have found my place in this town: the freaky goth chic, enemy of all cheerleaders.


Lauren said...

heh heh heh. take out courtney and all your problems are solved. muahahaha!

Seth said...

yeah, if anyone said that they liked jenn, i'd think they're weird.

partially because i'm one of the four people that's ever seen her without makeup, and she looks pretty ordanary without it. it's amazing what the popular people look like in their pajamas. they look just like the dorks.


ruby said...

i hate drama. its so over rated.

Angel Wings said...

IKNOW...this guy in my class...I'll post about it,k.

Daniel said...
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Hannah said...

I was probably 'the freakishly quiet girl who carried a book everywhere and couldn't look anyone in the eye' during high school.

So...goth girl, enemy of all cheerleaders doesn't sound that bad. :)

If you pick out a good college, it won't have 'groups'. Everybody will talk to everybody. And there won't be so much drama. I think.

Hannah said...

Oh yeah-making new friends rocks.