Friday, November 14, 2008


Alright. This is my fist post from our new house. We're not completely moved in yet, but we sleep here. The house is actually pretty nice. I get the attic as my room. It's got this great view and is totally spacey. Of course, Bri designed it. She worships Martha Stewart.

New house means new school district, even though we didn't move that far. 8th grade is rough here. It was my first day today and I have so much homework. I live in a small town, kind of like the one from, Gilmore Girls. So of course, I completely stuck out. The principal, Mrs. Gutter, thought she was being nice and put Dan in a few of my classes. Thanks. A lot.

On the upside, Larry is totally cool. Like, the perfect big brother. He TALKS! And no, I'm not being sarcastic. He is soo nice, unlike Dan. They don't really get along (score another for Larry). I mean, he actually walked me to school and made sure I was registered and stuff!

Shouldn't that be my dad's job, though? He hasn't been paying much attention to me since him and Bri "eloped". I don't know why they call it an elopement. They told everyone beforehand. I thought it was too fast, but guess what? They were dating for 2 whole months! Dad know how to rush into things, huh?


Seth said...

well that's good. your life is kinda like mine in a way.

high five!

Angel Wings said...

I wish I had a big brother or sister like that...My sister is 10 years older then me. She moved out like four or five years ago and she's still mean to me, but not as often...

Ali said...

im lucky to have at least one good one, even if he is my step brother. my real brother, david, is like your sister, except he doens't mean to be a jerk.