Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Time for Joy

Hey! i hope everybody had a good holiday. Mine was pretty good at first! I was pleasantly surprised.

I went to Mom's house in LA on December 18th. I was supposed to stay until January 2nd, but uhm... Well, it didn't work out so well.

Christmas with Dad and Bri was actually great. Bri and I clicked. She felt bad about me not getting to see Mom and took me to the movie and stuff to see Twilight, even though I show no interest for it.

For Christmas, Dan wrote me a song (probably because he didn't want to spend any money). It was cute, he's actually talented. Dad was ticked when he found out Dan got kicked off the football team, but I don't think that's his place. He's his step-dad, so as a sign of rebellion, Larry and Dan call him Jimmy. Haha.

It's New Year's Eve and Bri's sister and her kids are sleeping over. I guess they're my step-cousins, Ken and Lily. They're pretty nice. Post more later I guess.


Hannah said...

Glad to finally here from you/glad you have a new post! ^_^

I got the movie 'August Rush' and my dad just won an ebay enV for me for Christmas and my birthday.

Hannah said...

Well ... I shouldn't say 'won' but technically he did win.

Ali said...

cool :). I love August Rush, but i'm not allowed to watch it in our house because Bri always cries over August/Evan.

i tried telling her it had a happy ending, but she didn't buy it!

Angel Wings said...

This is why the holidays give me a headache